31 July 2012

Peaches and Pixie

As someone obsessed with names, it seems only too appropriate to be fascinated by a certain set of english siblings, whose names may have in fact begun the out of control spiral of crazy celeb baby names, as a result making the likes of Apple, Suri, Sparrow and Exton fair game.
I am, of course, talking about the Geldof/ Hutchence sisters, Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom, Little Pixie and Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, or more specifically rather, just Peaches and Pixie. As the most socially active of the sisters, and thus the one’s constantly in the public eye, Peaches and Pixie have avoided being the weird kids with the bazaar names and instead developed killer careers in the creative areas of modelling, journalism, presenting and music, ultimately becoming the cool kids of London, with the envious style and the kick arse names.
Rocking an, “I dare you to question me,” attitude and a free spirited style aesthetic as uniquely creative as their eccentric names, Peaches and Pixie have created their own identities, completely detached from their their famous last name. Their style, always inspirational, is the perfect mix of rocker grunge, boho chic and biker cool, comprising of looks that feature a combination of combat boots, ripped tights and floral hippie head bands.
Although I’ve never been constantly connected in with the Geldof’s adventures, there’s something about their somewhat tragic childhood, scandalous teenage years, continuous presence at iconic music festivals, Peaches’ eclectic collection of tattoos, Pixie’s link to Alexa’s inner circle and my own ongoing obsession with outrageous names, that keeps me always intrigued and ever curious about these infamous sisters.
Their style remains constantly evolving and repeatedly boundary pushing, while their direct and unwavering links to the international underground music scene gives them an underlying attitude of nonchalant cool, ensuring their look prevails to be as coveted and as replicated as their innovative, unconventional names.
- Annika xx

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