29 February 2012

Boyfriend T's and Boots: Outfit Post

What's this, an outfit post on Cadence and Clementine? Well yes I suppose it is… I was mucking around with the camera the other day for a lil secret project that I hope tell you more about in the very near future and I just had to share this one with you… I mean really, how great are boyfriend's T's and army boots? I don't think it really gets much better than that, if you're a low-key, effortless style kinda girl like myself, (unless you through in a shirt dress and some stocking, you all know how much I adore a good oversized dress and some stocking action.) Any who, sadly it's too hot for stockings as yet, so here's a look at my morning in the sun with some some knee-high socks a velvet turban and some beaten up boots! 

Headband: Sportsgirl
Shorts: Vintage
T-shirt: My boyfriends, (General Pants, i think?)
Boots: Dissh

MILAN FASHION WEEK: Armani's Progression of Glamour

A sleek collection of muted greys and charcoal cements was brought to life through the specific styling details and vibrant pops of colour in the Giorgio Armani Fall 2012 collection. Elements of classic menswear played a dominant role in the collection of effortless strength, as adaptations of ultra-hemmed cigarette pants, fedoras, tailoring and sneaky glimpses of ankle socks made their way down the runway. Amongst the grey scaled designs and contrasting sunset hues, the ever so deliberately crooked fedoras became larger and larger, demanding more and more attention. With this progression, the elements of glamour and sass became more dominant, plunging necklines and jackets worn as tops were replaced with more obvious references of sex appeal, closing the show with a beautiful flurry of Armani sequins. 

All Images: www.style.com

26 February 2012

MILAN FASHION WEEK: Fendi’s Futuristic Folktale

The Fendi Fall collection opened with an outfit that can only be described in four words, ‘absolutely and completely me!’ Navy stockings, a wet look baggy shirt dress and some collar love, honestly I couldn’t ask for more! The rest of the exquisitely executed collection progressed into a futuristic adaptation Navaho, folk spirit. There was heavy armour, leather, fur and structured shoulders, while contrasting elements of shine and matte were moulded together to complement the concept. Amongst the textures and the prints, came look after look of strategically assembled layering, highlighting once again the essential elements of futuristic folk.

All Images: www.style.com

25 February 2012

MILAN FASHION WEEK: Prada’s Collection of Pleasure

"Everyone has a theory about their collections these days, but I'm sick of theory. This collection is about the pleasure of fashion."- Miuccia Prada

From a distant glance at the thumbnails of Prada’s Fall show, you see strength, power and structure. Statuesque figures of grace one after the other resembling the formality and unity of an army, a colourful one at that! One so diverse in colour in fact, that when you take yet a further step back, focussing on the tones and hues alone, the models come to represent what could only be described as beautiful crayons in a Prada colouring box. As you look closer however, the detailed embellishment, avatar inspired butterfly eyes and clashing prints of contrasting colours, all come into perfect fruition, allowing you to be truly mesmerised and inspired by Miuccia’s very specific portrayal of raw beauty and pleasure.

All Images: www.style.com