31 December 2011

I Love my, 'I Love NY,' T-shirt

For my last post of 2011 I thought I'd leave you with one of my most important resolutions… to be in New York City this time next year making my resolutions for 2013. Not only do I have an undying love affair with the city, but also with the somewhat cheesy and at times corny I <3 NY t-shirts. They're cute, fun and in my opinion an iconic statement piece that denotes the exact amount of effortless style. 
I hope everyone has an amazing New Years Eve filled with beautiful memories… See you in 2012. 

30 December 2011

Gaga by Terry

Her insatiable lust for making people uncomfortable combined with her outrageous, unconventional creativity is the perfect match for his unique ability to capture raw images of purity and beauty dripping with emotion. 
Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson is a truly magical collaboration, taking its readers on an artistic journey with literally no limitations. 

29 December 2011

It's All in the Hat

It appears that wearing a hat now serves a much greater purpose than purely keeping out the sun. Yes, the benefits of shielding our faces include longer lasting youthful looking skin, however the addition of a statement or staple hat also has the ability to enhance and stylise your sometimes lacklustre and uninspired summer wardrobe. 
You know those days where it just gets so hot that putting on anything other than one layer in the form of a paper thin dress is absolutely out of the question? Let alone adding accessories or putting on any kind of footwear that doesn't provide the airflow achieved by a pair of thongs? Sometimes the result is an outfit that's cool, (as in temperature), but not so cool, (as in street style cred). As much as we love summer , in some instances it has the ability to block all our creative individuality, forcing us to frolic around in ensembles lacking oomph and pizzaz… enter THE HAT. Not only does it protect your precious skin from harmful UV rays, but the hat also has an innate ability to add style, mystery and allure to any old summer dress. 

28 December 2011

Chanel's Escape Mechanism

One of the things I love most about Chanel and its iconic leader, is the brand's insanely creative, ever luxurious and always entertaining adverting campaigns. Karl Largerfeld's unique and innovative vision allows for him to successfully create magnificently beautiful imagery while telling a story that captures and transcends the true essence and rich history of the Chanel brand and name. These seasonal grown up fairy tales, if you will, create an escape for their audiences, inviting and enticing them to abandoned their apprehensions, disregard ideals of caution and for a few magical minutes neglect their responsibilities as they enter into the stylised world of Chanel where artistry, originality and imagination rule supreme.