28 April 2012

Coachella Wonderland

That one little word that has the ability to send the masses into an over excited panic of jealously, envy, lust and wishing, well unless you’re there and then really you wouldn’t be thinking about anything except the fact THAT YOU ARE AT COACHELLA! Seeing as I was forced to view the Coachella experience from a far, all the way back in QLD Australia, unfortunately we’ll have to live vicariously through these amazing pics, which I’m sure don’t even come any where near close to the real deal, but for the time being they’ll have to do…
Next Year I WILL be there! Next Year I WILL be there! Next Year I WILL be there! (Apparently I think by repeating this, my wish will magically come true. If only!)

26 April 2012

Faux Fur Fun

What’s green, fab, ultra shaggy and looks amazing with a hint of red wine lipstick? My new August Street Emerald Faux Fur Vest of course! I wore this little baby to The Old Scholar: A Fashion Affair event last week and apparently I’m not the only one in love with its furry goodness.
Winter’s definitely on its way and at last the nights are finally starting to cool down enough to warrant some faux fur layering action. This amazing piece form August Street’s Winter ’12 collection has that little bit of added length to give it an effortlessly cool aesthetic and let’s be honest, perfectly placed pockets are always an added bonus! The colour is that perfect shade of emerald, (you know the one that works flawlessly with auburn tousled locks?) and you can literally throw it over any outfit to add that extra somethin’ somethin’.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to investigate the idea of dying my hair red, while I continue to lust over the rest of this amazing collection.


25 April 2012

Power To The Soul Sisters

We've got MK and Ashley, Elle and Dakota and Pixie and Peaches, but when it comes to rocking some Carrie Brawshaw eclecticism, the Coutin-Clairns sister have got it down! 
Heirs to the Clarins empire, Claire and Virginie seriously know how to put together some colour. I'm generally one for black on black, but isn't their style incredible? I personally love their ability to mix what I assuming would be seriously high fashion, (high price tag), items, back with effortless low-key styles accents, (cue pattered Dr. Martins), L.O.V.E. and I must say I'm just a little jealous of their seemingly never ending supply of fab eyewear! (ok, I'm a lot jealous, I want it all NOW!) 

What do you think of this super stylish due? Love them as much as i do? 


23 April 2012

Even Cowgirls Get the BLUES

How amazing is the WILDFOX Couture spring 2012 collection shoot?
Encapsulating the contradiction of innocence and rebellion and the essence of an old western film, the shoot transports its audience to an abandoned town allowing them to experience and connect with both the frivolity and loneliness of the life of a cowgirl. 
Set amongst the earthy tones and russet hues of the deserted surroundings, the collection comprises predominantly pastel looks of vintage inspired t's, tragic romance and gothic undertones to create a glamorous outlook on the lives of outcast cowgirls. There's a surreal beauty and a hazy calm set over the shoot, that works to highlight instead of outshine the underlying strength and defiance, ultimately creating an aesthetic subtle power and perfectly tainted purity. 
By far one of the most effortlessly beautiful, emotion evoking shoots I've seen in a long time!