17 February 2014

I want to be a part of the cool club!

The Marc by Marc Jacobs show was a rebellious revolution that propelled us all back to school yard, endlessly wishing to be one of the popular girls- except this time, the girls in question swapped their strawberry smackers for a pair of martial arts combat boots and bad ass braids. 
A gang of skater girls stormed the runway projecting a defiant yet subtly romantic attitude, supported by underlying bandana motifs, over the top bows executed in traditional tartan and an obsessive use of black, white and red.
There were no boys in sight; only a flawless ninja army, comprised of strong, level-footed girls, only further hammering home the announcement that MBJB has a new edge!

16 February 2014

Happy Days Are Here Again

An ethereal cloudland of grey-scaled violet, hand painted organza, hypnotic serenity and icy, iridescent reflections, - a calming contradiction to his last appearance on a Manhattan runway, Marc Jacobs made a point of reasserting his place at New York Fashion Week, proving the power of pulling everything back, letting a wallflower-like softness drill itself into the subconscious of the audience.

As the designs moved through a progressive development of neutral shades supported by candy washed wigs and working up to the addition of constructed textures, deep v-neck knits and the glamorised incorporation of sequins, the soundtrack remained repetitiously methodical, pulling the audience deeper and deeper into a grey wash hypnosis.
A soft and almost tragically beautiful collection, Marc Jacobs convinced all that the Happy Days are truly here again!

10 February 2014

Fashion Gets Creative

Fashion gets creative’ - The tag line proclaimed by Harper’s latest cover, and really with a team comprising of Carine, Karl, Rosie and a line-up of supers inc. Karolina and Naomi, who would be expecting anything less.
Putting the fantasy back into fashion, replacing the predictable cycle of wearability with the unrelenting beauty of the unattainable, Roitfeld and Lagerfeld collaborate to the probe the imagination of their audience creatively igniting a sense of escapism.

A refreshing clash of reinvented tartan, wallpaper florals, slogan tees and a distinct nod to the ‘60s, the shoot captures the intricate creative vision of two of the most influential players on the fashion forefront.

4 February 2014


As a recent article in an infamous glossy so eloquently put it, “Some things you just can’t explain!” Such is the case of the mandal! Givenchy’s doing it, MK’s been doing it for years and evidentially the rest of the fash pack were pretty quick to jump on board, all feigning nonchalant and confusion while revelling in the extreme turn to comfort.  

It seems no one can quite put their finger on what triggered the sudden change in perception or why Birkenstock’s are now on everyone’s hit list, receiving an instant cool factor over-night, but it also appears, no one’s asking too many questions! There’s no doubt that they’ll one day again be those horridly embarrassing shoes you bought without knowing why, but for now, they’re just cool!

Overalls: Sportsgirl, Jeans and Bag: Topshop, White crop shirt: General Pants, Shoes: Birkenstocks.