31 May 2012


What do you do when you’re feeling a little bit of shag, a little bit of velvet and a little bit of leather? Well you wear them all at once of course!
Winter has well and truly arrived and the recent wet weather gave me the perfect opportunity to experiment with clashing textures and contradicting looks. The result? A mixture of neutral tones, subtle blacks and opposing consistencies of depth.

Skirt: Blurr from Dissh
Watch: Marc Jacobs 

30 May 2012

Toning it down...

You know those trends that you unintentionally adopt? The ones where one day you look at yourself and think "When the hell did I decide that I suddenly liked oversized blazers? or pointed heels? or statement necklaces that threaten to take over my upper torso?" I recently had the same sort of epiphany when I glanced down to admired my recently OPI Gell manicured nails and discovered an army of single banned, completely unembellished rings declaring war on my hands. Without noticing, I've made a seamless transition replacing my fabulously chunky knuckle dusters with an array of silver and gold elegant stacks. 
Who else has been experiencing this fine and dainty shift? 

29 May 2012

Fashion Promises from Promise....

One of the best greatest perks about this insane technological development we call the internet, is the ability to shop in literally any city of the world! Today we’re not travelling to the far flung corners of Europe or the bustling traffic of NYC, we’re heading down the tramline of Melbourne to the newest little store on Greville street, which is quickly becoming one of my all time faves! The Promise boutique is a unique mix of in-demand labels and favourite staple looks and between the pink door and the graffiti strewn brick wall it’s like a candy store for your eyes. Still in its early days, Promise debuted with full force, instantly making a mark on the fashion scene in Melbourne and is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. An idea born from two little ladies, who I’m lucky enough to call my friends, Haylee and Sarah, Promise has a unique look, an innovative feel and literally promises to deliver. For anyone still in the dark I highly highly recommend a visit and for those of you who, like me, aren’t lucky enough to live in the uber trendy city of Melbs, you can check out all the latest arrivals and shop online on their facebook page. Oh and they have a blog too, which you can check out here… and it features a rad lil post on yours truly!
Enjoy xx

24 May 2012

Neon Verses Fluro…

Is it just me or does this killer ‘new’ trend we’re calling NEON have an uncanny resemblance to the fluro look we all swore never to wear again some five years ago? Yeah yeah, I hear what you’re saying, neon is actually more of a super enhance pastel, but essentially they’re pretty much the same thing!
The crazy thing is that when I think back to my days of fluro pink tights, fluro orange headbands and fluro green singlets I literally cringe in horror but show me a neon coral, (translation fluro pink), envelope clutch and I’m instantly all about it!
They say that in fashion everything eventually comes back at one stage or the other, but it appears in order for fluro to make its somewhat unwanted return we needed a name change to soften the blow. Neon is back with a vengeance and fluro or not, it’s making a loud mark of this season’s trends! 

23 May 2012


When you’re a creative innovator living in Queensland, sometimes it’s a little hard to feel a part of the fashion epic centre that’s Sydney, or Melbourne. Carmen Hamilton from The Chronicles of Her is proving one post at a time that distance is neither an issue nor an excuse!
Holding a permanent position on my personal reading list, is seems I’m not the only one who’s fallen in love with The Chronicles of Her. During its seemingly short life span, this blog has made itself known, demanding attention and captivating its cult following.
Hidden amongst the DIYs, outfit posts, style secrets and trend reports, you’ll find my favourite part of Carmen’s blog… her creatively distinct and uniquely inspiring voice.
I caught up with the brains, (and the beauty), behind The Chronicles of Her, to talk inspiration, daydreams, the future of print, good food, spare time, (or lack there of) and an infamous spandex mini…

Tea or lattes: Coffee is my weakness.
Vodka or tequila: Vodka, lime and soda is my drink of choice but I’ll never say no to a good margarita!
Jeans or tights: I’m a jeans girl.
Lipstick or eyeliner: Lipstick!
Splendour or Stereo: Just seeing the word Splendour gives me butterflies
Heels or boots: I live in boots all year round.
The Real Housewives of… I have a confession to make, I never, ever watch TV.
Blair or Serena: Serena – purely because Blake Lively is a goddess.  
Vogue or Harper’s: Tough one! I buy both, but if I had to choose – Vogue.
Paris or New York: Without having been to either that’s a tough call to make but I’ve always said I’m going to live in New York one day.
Colour of my nails at the moment… Neon with Navajo print from the DIY tute on my blog!
Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte: Carrie.
Mac or PC: Every single day I vow to stab my PC. Mac all the way.
Purple or Oyster: Oyster.
Reading at the moment: Still trying to find the time to finish Lisa Chaney’s ‘Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life’.
I blog because… I love the satisfaction I get from creating something that is my own.
On my playlist at the moment… Still not over Del Rey.
Blog in silence or noise: Silence. Shhhhh.
Wearing at the moment… Black velvet leggings, vintage cable knit jumper. Brrrr it’s cold!

C&C: When did you decide to get into blogging and why?
TCoH: Just over a year ago because I’m determined work in the fashion industry and there doesn’t seem to be many good opportunities for it on the Gold Coast. I figured starting my own blog was the next best thing to interning at a magazine.

C&C: Where did the name The Chronicles of Her evolve from?
TCoH: Essentially, a blog chronicles someone’s style as it develops over time. I knew one element of my blog would be personal style but I didn’t want to limit it to just being about me because I’m intrigued by the lives of other people – so I figured the word ‘her’ could refer to any and every girl.

C&C: Where do you ultimately want to take The Chronicles of Her?
TCoH: At the moment I’m just taking it day by day. I love doing it and I’m constantly surprised by the opportunities it brings my way so I’m excited to see where it takes me. I can’t imagine what I would do with my spare time now, if I didn’t have one.

C&C: It’s 7:30pm on a Saturday night, where are we most likely to find you?
TCoH: Hanging with my boyfriend, eating good food – way too much of it!

C&C: How would you describe your style on a scale of Mary-Kate to Lady Gaga? 
TCoH: Definitely more down the Mary Kate end.

C&C: Who is your biggest fashion influence and what is it about them that inspires you?
TCoH: Taylor Tomasi Hill – never boring, always ahead of the game and manages to maintain an element of class.

C&C: When you’re not blogging, what will we find you doing?
TCoH: Most likely at a coffee shop hanging out with my bestie.

C&C: What’s the best advice you would give novice fashion bloggers?
TCoH: Give it 110% and be patient. Never compare your blog to others because the variables are never the same. Compete with yourself and you’ll get better and better.

C&C: What do you think lies ahead for the future of blogging and why do you think it is becoming such an important part of the fashion industry?
TCoH: With platforms like FELLT etc popping up everywhere I think we’ll start seeing more full time bloggers who are essentially the editors of their own online magazines.

C&C: Do you believe the internet will ultimately ‘kill’ print media?
TCoH: I don’t agree that blogging will make magazines obsolete – there’s a place for both. There’s nothing better than holding a fresh copy of a mag in your hand and being able to pull the pictures out to pin on your wall – but who wants to wait a month to get another one? That’s where blogs come in...

C&C: Blogs on your reading list?

C&C: Teenage fashion faux par?
TCoH: Spandex mini dresses – leave something to the imagination. Gahhh.

C&C: Fashion mantra you live by?
TCoH: You don’t want to be the next anyone.

22 May 2012

Sphinxes Without Secrets

Winter fashion is usually something I want to savour, enjoy and beg to never leave, but in this extreme circumstance, I’m willing to make an exception. I’ve been ogling lustfully over Alice McCall’s Sphinxes Without Secrets collection, set to drop August/ September, for nearly a whole hour now and I’m still trying to find a solution to that inevitable question, “How the hell am I going to afford everything on my wish list?”
It’s iridescent and whimsical with contrasts of bold alabaster brilliance and the beauty of the fluidity is only further highlighted by the creative experimentation of shadows and light. 

Images: http://www.facebook.com/alicemccallpage