3 October 2012

Moments of Wonder

The beauty of fashion and the core behind the withstanding obsession it creates lies in its ability to create pure ideals of wonderment. Those wow moments that make you gasp, as you remember why you stand behind and defend this continually shocking, constantly evolving source of un-tameable creative energy. The innovators and inventors behind these gasp worthy moments are the ones, who send models down a catwalk via an escalator, the ones who incorporate bee keeping headwear, eclectic arrays of oversizing, and an over-all desire to deliver something different and boundary pushing. Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear Paris gave us three key players in this game called fashion, the identities who are able to consistently reinvent their design approach, while maintaining their brand’s key fundamentals. A fresh take on 60s’ inspired New York City, eccentric portrayals of disconnected subtlety, intimate conceptualisation, a new approach to transportation and wholehearted adaptation of nature’s inspiration, Paris gave us, JACOBS for VUITTON, LAGERFELD for CHANEL and BURTON for MCQUEEN!

20 September 2012


Stripped down to the bare essentials, the program for Marc Jacob’s latest collection was a direct reflection of the minimalism, but ever so powerful show that was to come. An artistic display at the completely opposite end of the spectrum from his last collection, Jacob’s drew inspiration form the pinnacle of New York magic. Think icy blonde hair, deep dark eyes and iconic black stockings, a tribute to the legendary Factory and it’s most infamous ‘it’ girl, Edie Sedgwick! Lead by a black and white clad Ruby Jean, the army of models tramped down the runway proving not only the powerful of the understated, but also the pure ingenious of Marc Jacobs. Simplicity with the backbone of slightly tragic glamour, this collection was proof that fashion’s power lies in it’s ability to tell a story, and this season, Marc Jacob’s proved the fabulously eccentric memory of Andy Warhol’s super star lives on! 

19 September 2012

SNAP. it's Spring/Summer

Casual, understated and nonchalant chic, with subtle undertones of killer glam rock! Spring Summer 2013, is kicking some serious arse and we’ve not even at my favourite city yet! Before we dive feet first into the second half, here’s my little recap of what went down in NYC and London.

Alexander WANG.
Black lights, an iridescent glow and Wang’s interpretation of, “Pulling the garments apart.” It was structure in its newest, most intricate form, equal parts experimental and functionality all depicted through the light and shade of black and white.

Helmut LANG.
Adapting their statement staple of ultra cool, asymmetrical draping in neutral specific tones, Helmut Lang evolved the stereotype through the exploration of soft peaches and pastel blues. It was laid back and understated in a newer, looser form.

Romantically undone with a sense of rustic dishevelment, the Acne collection was all dusty tones, parachute skirts and printed muscle tees…and wasn’t it fantastic! Maintaining the tough edge of the Acne girl, the collection enabled her to adapt to a new form of brilliance. This is how I would love to dress ALL THE TIME! And seriously, what’s cooler than a printed MUSIC tee!

Sickly sweet in the most Mulberry of ways, the Spring Summer collection came complete with muted golds, soft sweet metallics and perfect preened poodles.

TOMORROW -> MARC JACOBS: my most favourite collection EVER, (big call I know! You’ll see why)

All images: style.com