20 October 2013

Laugh a Little: Alexander Wang

Something feels new- different perhaps? Or maybe it's just been so long since my excitement and interest for spring/summer, exceeded my unwavering love for winter. I had disregarded the lightness in the air, the fluidity in the movement and the free-falling aesthetic that eludes the essence of fresh form and clean lines. Alexander Wang cultivated a collection of subtle frivolity, that screamed new season and was underlined with an air of old ideas made new again.
It was wearable, not by negative association, but in a cult inflicting, ‘I will strive to own this look,’ kind of way! The presence of pyjama influence, men’s soft cotton shirting, with relaxed tailoring and matching twin sets was coupled with a feeling of nostalgia as the collection took us on a tribute to the ‘90s through its unrelenting motifs of slogans, logos and gimmicks.
The collection was Alexander Wang’s strategic move to take us back to his past inspirations, and it worked, flawlessly! "Fashion was really fun, when there was wit and humour, and it wasn't so serious." – Alexander Wang

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