18 May 2014

Lack of Passion is Fatal!

To write is to create. You invite the world into the unscripted perceptions of your imagination, the erratic exploration of who you want to be that day. It gives you the power to develop, without limitation a magnitude of ideas, inspirations, influences and opinions. 
"Writers aren't exactly people, they're a whole bunch of people trying to be one person," - F. Scott. Fitzgerald.
This seemingly simplistic explanation holds endless interpretations of meaning, justification and purpose. It’s a continual time-lapse of my never sleeping mind, the constant demand to write fearlessly about what I love, in every way I know how and in every voice I have.
It’s the allure of inspiration, the challenge to write it all down, to find your passion and to work hard. 
Simplify, be confident and don’t stop exploring what you heart pumps for.

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