2 March 2014

Silver Fleurs at the Rave Cave

A nostalgic trail into the past or a high speed motor chase on a highway into the future? Although the end game of the Dries Van Norten Fall 2014 collection was debatable, the evidence of his creative vision was protruding.
Psychedelic florals and rave cave metallics gave way to a feeling of panache, as the show took a bypass into the world of shimmering glam rock. Lucid dreams of the club culture were wrapped up in signature man-styled coats and trousers, while trip-inducing prints and optical motifs were slapped on bright light sweats and tees.

With floral interjections quite literally continuing from fabric into form and hard edge metallics that couldn’t have been further from cliché, the collection was a culmination of Van Norten signatures and a spiral of decadent statements, that you can only assume come accompanied by an inhibition freeing soundtrack sending low smooth beats pulsating through the body.

Images: Style.com

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