20 September 2012


Stripped down to the bare essentials, the program for Marc Jacob’s latest collection was a direct reflection of the minimalism, but ever so powerful show that was to come. An artistic display at the completely opposite end of the spectrum from his last collection, Jacob’s drew inspiration form the pinnacle of New York magic. Think icy blonde hair, deep dark eyes and iconic black stockings, a tribute to the legendary Factory and it’s most infamous ‘it’ girl, Edie Sedgwick! Lead by a black and white clad Ruby Jean, the army of models tramped down the runway proving not only the powerful of the understated, but also the pure ingenious of Marc Jacobs. Simplicity with the backbone of slightly tragic glamour, this collection was proof that fashion’s power lies in it’s ability to tell a story, and this season, Marc Jacob’s proved the fabulously eccentric memory of Andy Warhol’s super star lives on! 

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