3 October 2012

Moments of Wonder

The beauty of fashion and the core behind the withstanding obsession it creates lies in its ability to create pure ideals of wonderment. Those wow moments that make you gasp, as you remember why you stand behind and defend this continually shocking, constantly evolving source of un-tameable creative energy. The innovators and inventors behind these gasp worthy moments are the ones, who send models down a catwalk via an escalator, the ones who incorporate bee keeping headwear, eclectic arrays of oversizing, and an over-all desire to deliver something different and boundary pushing. Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear Paris gave us three key players in this game called fashion, the identities who are able to consistently reinvent their design approach, while maintaining their brand’s key fundamentals. A fresh take on 60s’ inspired New York City, eccentric portrayals of disconnected subtlety, intimate conceptualisation, a new approach to transportation and wholehearted adaptation of nature’s inspiration, Paris gave us, JACOBS for VUITTON, LAGERFELD for CHANEL and BURTON for MCQUEEN!

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