21 May 2012

Monday from Hell!

Hands up if you had a monday from hell? (FYI, both my arms, and my feet are in the air, today was most definitely not a good day!)
You know those days where everything and anything goes wrong? Well I've been experiencing worst case scenarios since 5:00am this morning, and quite frankly, I'm done! 
I refuse to go to sleep, until I somehow turn this day around, and salvage at least one positive, so I've compiled a little list of Monday life savers, to get anyone else out there through the last few hours of this dreaded day… 

Neon: Seriously is there anything greater in the fashion world at the moment? I think not! Neon madness has taken over, giving us the perfect excuse to indulge in uber-brights in the midst of the unavoidable winter darkness. 

Macaroons: I really don't think these even need an explanation… they're sweet, soft and indulgent and come in a array of tempting pastels.

The half up half down: This not quite up, not quite down do is 100% fabulous and looks like something straight from the pages of a '90s 'how to guide,' what's not to love? 

Sparklers: If I even have to explain the joys of writing your name with a sparkler, then I'm afraid your case of mondayitise is just too far gone!

Candy coloured tips: With innovations like KEVIN.MURPHY's COLOUR.BUG, you can now change your hair colour as often as you change your shoes. Thank you Kevin, we love you! 

A long highway of abandonment: OK OK, so I know deserted highways don't usually have a high fashion goddess in tow, but hey a girl can dream right? 

Here's hoping to a fabulous Tuesday! Sweet Dreams Lovers 


  1. Loving your blog lady. Hope your Tuesday is brilliant xx

    A x

  2. Thanks Lady! Glad you're liking it! So sweet of you to say xx