24 May 2012

Neon Verses Fluro…

Is it just me or does this killer ‘new’ trend we’re calling NEON have an uncanny resemblance to the fluro look we all swore never to wear again some five years ago? Yeah yeah, I hear what you’re saying, neon is actually more of a super enhance pastel, but essentially they’re pretty much the same thing!
The crazy thing is that when I think back to my days of fluro pink tights, fluro orange headbands and fluro green singlets I literally cringe in horror but show me a neon coral, (translation fluro pink), envelope clutch and I’m instantly all about it!
They say that in fashion everything eventually comes back at one stage or the other, but it appears in order for fluro to make its somewhat unwanted return we needed a name change to soften the blow. Neon is back with a vengeance and fluro or not, it’s making a loud mark of this season’s trends! 

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