24 February 2013

Fuck with the System!

In an industry where the season’s operate like clock work, collections are meticulously calculated and there’s a style and a trend for every look, it’s subtly refreshing when an individual mind makes a conscious decision to fuck with the system.
The ability to showcase ones creative work is one of the most liberating yet necessary occurrences of the entire fashion week process, the point of the exercise being to allow others to experience and be exposed to your creations, after all, ‘do they really exist if not in comparison to others?’ Why then would the great Marc Jacobs purposely choose to send his models down the runway, illuminated only by the dull golden glow of an elaborate sun in the background? BECAUSE HE CAN!
My love for Marc Jacobs is a developed and weathered one, I have a strong connection to his creativity, inspirations and the aesthetical representations of his brand. I appreciate his brilliant creative mind from a far, forming seemingly bias positive opinions and loving literally everything his does, (well nearly, my heart broke at the revelation of the use fox fur in his latest collection, that I certainly don’t love nor admire!) That aside, Marc Jacob’s latest collection falls nothing short of what we’ve come to expect from him! A magnificent display of metallics, sequins, shag wigs and ultra short shorts, this collection screamed of a diluted, against the grain attitude, until of course the lights switched on and the models returned to showcase the true craftsmanship and detail of the fierce, perfectly over the top collection...

 Images: Style.com 

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