16 June 2013


Everything has already been decided. Nothing’s left to chance and there are no moments of organic emotion or feelings caught off guard. We’re scrolling through our digital lives, mind numbingly double tapping things that sort of, not really, but maybe just a little bit grab our attention. Uploading representations of our own watered-down documentations, we’re not capturing emotions any more; we’re forcing an illusion based on the fragments of a moment’s memory.
Where has all the beauty gone? Those raw candid shots, the un-planned, un posed and un-captioned experiences that burn right through to the microscope of people’s souls, their un-edited sense of being.
Sometimes it’s nice to immerse yourself in the creases created from a smile as a face scrunches up in the most perfectly blissful way, laughing and completely unaware of the awe they have just created. A hand, covering the secrets that the eyes guard and the cheeks are only too happy to reveal, or the pure, harmonious aura of someone staring uncomplicatedly into the eyes of their lover, capturing the creation as theirs souls intertwine. 
Click to create, don't sell it short. 

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