2 June 2013

Once Upon A Time: By Karl Lagerfeld

A rare escape into what is imagined by Karl Lagerfeld to represent the very beginnings of Chanel’s evolution is beautifully depicted in his recent return to the director’s chair for the creation of ‘Once Upon A Time’. If anyone could portray the streets of Paris in 1913 through the hungry eyes of Coco Chanel, it would be the one creative mind who’s managed to continue and uphold the legacy, vision and forward thinking dramatics of a brand created 100 years ago. A simplistic but beautifully executed recount of Chanel’s first day in the fashion industry, the film portrays an essence of extravagance, opulence and an somewhat ease of style, an era where the fashion was more organic, style was savored and the pace was slower but ever more elaborate. It depicts Chanel’s forward thinking innovation where doubt is quickly knocked down by triumph, bringing her ideas of “new” and scene causing style to the forefront. It’s the evolution of the boundary pushers and the reinstatement of Chanel’s never-wavering resonance in fashion and modernity.

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