16 February 2014

Happy Days Are Here Again

An ethereal cloudland of grey-scaled violet, hand painted organza, hypnotic serenity and icy, iridescent reflections, - a calming contradiction to his last appearance on a Manhattan runway, Marc Jacobs made a point of reasserting his place at New York Fashion Week, proving the power of pulling everything back, letting a wallflower-like softness drill itself into the subconscious of the audience.

As the designs moved through a progressive development of neutral shades supported by candy washed wigs and working up to the addition of constructed textures, deep v-neck knits and the glamorised incorporation of sequins, the soundtrack remained repetitiously methodical, pulling the audience deeper and deeper into a grey wash hypnosis.
A soft and almost tragically beautiful collection, Marc Jacobs convinced all that the Happy Days are truly here again!

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