4 February 2014


As a recent article in an infamous glossy so eloquently put it, “Some things you just can’t explain!” Such is the case of the mandal! Givenchy’s doing it, MK’s been doing it for years and evidentially the rest of the fash pack were pretty quick to jump on board, all feigning nonchalant and confusion while revelling in the extreme turn to comfort.  

It seems no one can quite put their finger on what triggered the sudden change in perception or why Birkenstock’s are now on everyone’s hit list, receiving an instant cool factor over-night, but it also appears, no one’s asking too many questions! There’s no doubt that they’ll one day again be those horridly embarrassing shoes you bought without knowing why, but for now, they’re just cool!

Overalls: Sportsgirl, Jeans and Bag: Topshop, White crop shirt: General Pants, Shoes: Birkenstocks.

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