27 December 2011

Waisted Effects

As someone who survived the low rise epidemic of the late 1990s to early 2000s and was similarly a part of the high-waist trend that followed, I can honestly say I have embraced both with equal force. Recently however, I have been noticing a very subtle, very discrete shift that’s seeing the waist line once again moving south. It’s something that’s been happening ever so slowly for the past couple of seasons and suddenly it’s got me wondering if we are going to be forced to once again say goodbye to the beloved trend of  high-waisted silhouettes. Despite embracing the, ever so appealing, (note the sarcasm), ‘hipster trend,’ with open arms and insatiable excitement, some seven years ago in my early teens, the thought of repeating this particular era in my fashion history sends a little flutter of panic and anxiety down my spine. Now I obviously don’t expect fashion trends to remain stagnant and motionless, the element of change is what makes it so unique, innovative and artistic, all I am simply saying is at this point in time I’m really not sure if I could willingly embrace the low depths of my past. 
Here’s to hoping the trend doesn’t plummet too low, or at least learns to coincide with the high-waisted look we have to thank for years and years of, ‘oh my god!’ iconic fashion moments. 

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