14 December 2011

Stockings in Summer? Love it!

Last week’s unusually chilly weather saw me pulling out one of my favourite things about winter… black stockings! Yes that’s correct, last week it was significantly cold enough for me to be wearing stockings…in Queensland…in summer! Completely weird I know, but considering how unpredictable the weather is at the moment I guess anything’s possible, so instead of contemplating the hows and whys, I ran straight to my old favourites to embrace a little touch of winter, before it was once again ripped from underneath me.

I know they’re not everyone’s metaphorical fashion cup of tea, but I find stockings to be the epitome of style. I understand that most people find it difficult to move past the associations that stockings have with work attire, or an old, frumpy and essentially un-sexy look, however through my eyes, if worn correctly, they embody everything that is chic and stylised while possessing an innate element of cool, combined with subtle undertones of rock and roll edge. To me, stockings are an effortless accessory, they go hand in hand with the ultra-cool aesthetic of smoking a cigarette, matte red lips, slightly scuffed up ankle boots, or an abundance of eclectically mixed gold and silver rings. They’re worn by the girl whose individual style is so coveted, it’s emulated everywhere. She’s the girl who inspires your style, the one you want to dress like and more importantly the one whose wardrobe you dream lustfully about…
Of course, one of the most appealing, inspiring and important aspects of my love affair with black stockings is the fact that they were revolutionised by my all time idle, the ever eccentric and always alluring Edie Sedgwick.

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