18 January 2012

FREJA: Fierce Fluidity

With her collection of eclectic tattoos and Danish heritage, Freja Beha Erichsen becomes more intriguing each year of her continues her reign over the high fashion world. Shaking things up in 2005 with her androgynous debut, Freja’s tough, gender neutral look has come to represent a modern ideal of beauty through the emergence of a new crop of boundary pushing, rebellious models, adapting to change and challenging the norm.
She has the ability to morph naturally from an effortless off-duty model with an, “I don’t give a sh*t what people say,” attitude, into a stylised high fashion pro, commanding the attention of the runway and camera alike and it is this diversity that makes Freja’s coveted look accessible across a multitude of platforms.
Despite her strong, rock-chick exterior, Freja projects a subtle, almost alter ego, aura of serenity and calm. She’s grunge and low key, yet her softness and fluidity combine perfectly to either, contradict or complement, heighten or work against, the opposing traits.
"She’s beautifully androgynous," -Vogue photographer Josh Olins.

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