23 January 2012

Mondays with MYF

There's nothing I love more than a understated, low key editorial, compiling a sense of effortless cool with a casual, nonchalant aesthetic, one that focusses predominantly on the raw energy, pure emotion and natural, unaltered lighting.
"if you see her say hello," features the enchanting Myf Shepherd for LoveWant Magazine, styled and photographed by the ever-so-casually-creative duo, Imogene Barron and Bec Parsons.
The editorial's genius lies in its ability to pose the possibility that Myf was captured in a completely natural and unaware state, as though she was simply moseying around her apartment on a lazy sunday afternoon, oblivious to her fabulousness. The unkept hair, odd socks and integration of high fashion with underwear only adds fuel to the fire, letting us truly believe we've in fact been invited into Myf's mysterious world as she jumps coyly on her bed and playfully entices us around her home. 

IMAGES: LoveWant Magazine. PHOTOGRAPHY: Bec Parsons. FASHION: Imogene Barron

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