5 January 2012

The Power of Mood Boards

There’s a lot to be said for the power of visual stimulation. It is a widely accepted belief that the space in which you work has a great effect on your creativity and the quality of what you produce, so while a beautifully put together mood board may increase the ambience of a room or office and provide something wonderful to look at, it is also benefiting your ability to work effectively and subconsciously inspiring and motivating you.
It may seem fairly obvious that looking at the same thing day in day out is boring, monotonous and ultimately uninspiring, so why is it that we expect that same thing to constantly provide us with new and innovative ideas? Just like the styles and trends of our ever-evolving wardrobes, our creative space is something that needs to be constantly reinvented and reviewed.
Do the ground work, tear up magazines, print off those beautiful images that capture the aesthetic that inspires you and surround yourself with positive and creative reinforcement. 

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