16 November 2011

The Art of Dressing Up in the Era of Casual Cool

As fashion moves seemingly into the era of causal cool, and it becomes appropriate to rock a pair of converse on the red carpet, one has to wonder, what ever happened to the art of dressing up?

If you take a look around the hidden treasures throughout my wardrobe, there’s no mistaking that I’m a strong advocate for the concept of effortless chic…give me an oversized tee and some high-waisted leather shorts any day! However, despite my adoration for all things subtly chic, a la MK Olsen and Miss A. Chung, I do believe one still needs to respect, and occasionally pay tribute, to the art of dressing up.

Now if your personal style embodies more of a casual cool, understated elegance, kind of vibe, like my own, chances are you’re not really going to have much of a distinction between your night wear and your day wear, (it’s all about how you style and accessorise it, I know!) and by no means am I suggesting that you change or alter this dynamic, after all, it is a highly coveted, (and copied), look for a reason! What I am proposing however, is to instead merely add a heel here, (when some flats would work just as well), and some statement sequins or velvet there. Trust me your, ‘I like that my style doesn’t fit the cookie cutting mould,’ attitude will still be ever present, it will just be a lil’ glamourised every once in a while.

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