13 November 2011

A Change is as Good as a Holiday…

In an effort to turn my random thoughts and fashion obsessions into some kind of organization, as of tomorrow you’ll be noticing a few subtle changes around Cadence and Clementine. Before anyone gets too frantic, don’t stress, you can still expect the same content, style, themes and fashion inspiration, there will just be a little more structure to my posts.
I have decided to break Cadence and Clementine into six different categories, all of which will get at least one post per week, obviously nothing is set in stone and things will always come up that need immediate attention and coverage, but this is the general gist…

Photo shoot Flashbacks on Mondays, which will deconstruct past, present and future photo shoots, looking at the themes, models, photographer, stylist and fashion.

Model moments and other fabulously important fashion profiles on Tuesdays, which will look at the careers, works and backgrounds of some of the most influential people in all fields of the industry.

Art and Culture and Couture Oh My! Wednesdays will feature posts that relate and connect the idea of fashion with arts, culture and photography or look at and deconstruct fashion theories and terms. 

Trend Reports will happen each Thursday and will feature trends from all elements of the fashion word.

Fash Pack News Time Fridays will look at the week’s most relevant and interesting stories in the Fashion Industry to make sure you’re all staying up to date.

And lastly…Inspiration Saturdays are pretty self explanatory and will feature ideas, trends, photos and people who are influencing and inspiring me at the time.

I hope you all enjoy the new changes…I’ll think they will bring some organization to your fashion reading.


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