18 November 2011

Shock Horror!

A friend of mine was recently expressing her confusion about the recent increase of QUT students studying a double major in fashion and law, “That doesn’t even make sense!” she exclaimed before continuing her rant, “What do they even have to do with each other?” Well, ironically that morning news was spreading that Marc Jacobs’ entire Spring/Summer 2012 collection had been stolen en route from Paris to London… so, in actual fact, it appears there are some strong elements of relevance.

The 46-look range, which was being transported to appear in the European press day, was comprised of samples from next season and as a result, despite being worth an estimated $63,000, has very little street value, raising suspicions that counterfeiters were behind the incident.

European press day allows British fashion editors to not only sample next year’s products, but it is also the time where important editorial decisions are made. No collection results in no samples to lend to the magazines in order to create the necessary buzz around a range.

The theft of Jacobs’ collection will result in significant consequences and once again puts the designer in the negative spotlight again after the controversy surrounding his new Oh Lola! perfume ad featuring Dakota Fanning. 

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