10 November 2011

Pastel Perfection: Cotton Candy Inspiration

The seasons, as we know all too well are definitely changing and Summer is well and truly on its way, however, aside from the recently commercialised trend of colour blocking, pastel hues are also making their way into our fashion colour pallets in more ways than one. Candy coloured lips, beautifully washed out colours of pearl placed perfectly throughout our tresses and pastel variations from all spectrums of the colour wheel are slowly being incorporated into all elements of our wardrobes. Pastel hues are the perfect way to subtly add some girlish charm to your style while incorporating your statement colour of choice. Now we all know that usually I’m not the biggest advocate of colour, let alone ones that scream cute and sweet and girly, but these translucent and beautifully discrete alternatives challenge us to embrace and draw inspiration from all things candy coated, and no one said anything about wearing it head to toe they work perfectly with neutrals. Fairy floss pink, lilacs and peppermint green… fashion is daring us to embrace the sweetness.

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