14 November 2011

Online Overhaul

Renya Xydis Is a force to be reckoned with in both the fashion and hairdressing industries, but what do you do when you’ve already developed multiple successful, visually astounding salons, have designers and high fashion publications all vying to work with you and a celebrity clientele list that could rival the credits of the next big Hollywood blockbuster…Well you start a blog of course!

She’s session styled for Vogue, worked with a long list of celebrity greats that would send most of us into star stuck awe and been an essential part in countless white tents at fashion weeks across the globe. This highly celebrated stylist has four hugely successful salons that are recognised among Sydney’s most premiere hairdressers, is in constant demand all over the world, has a portfolio that boasts the most influential fashion houses, designers and magazines and lists Hugh Jackman as one of her, “Dear friends!” Now, Renya Xydis is taking us all along for the fabulous fashion fuelled ride by sharing her adventures and experiences on her blog.

Renya Xydis, the Creative Director and Owner of Valonz, Renya Xydis City, Miss Frou Frou and Salon X by Renya Xydis, first stepped into the hairdressing industry at a mere 15-years-old, “It was the ‘80s and although I originally always wanted to be a cartoonist, the creative side of hairdressing and the chance to make people feel good really attracted me,” she says. Despite her predetermined assumptions of what her future career would entail, Renya replaced the colouring pencils with scissors, tools and products and carved out a unique niche for herself in the hairdressing industry. Her first foot in the exclusive fashion door resulted from a work assignment given to her by her boss, “I was given a photo shoot to do, and it just so happened to be with an up and coming actress at the time, Nicole Kidman!” she exclaims. Since this first experience, Renya has remained an unstoppable force in the fashion industry, creating, innovating and inspiring the world of session work, “I love that fashion changes, as does hair and I love working with like-minded people to create an image that tells a story.” Constantly driven to provide the industry with something new that pushes the boundaries, Renya acknowledges her talent is not a forced effort, “I love being creative and fortunately it comes naturally to me, I am inspired by everything around me, different cultures, foreign films and everyday experiences. I use all this to reference different decades, from the1800s right through to today, in order to create new and exciting looks.”

The concept of blogging is not a new phenomenon, however, it is an ever expanding, constantly growing, crucial element in the social media generation. It provides an instant outlet and vehicle to share information, ideas and events with your online market, or in Renya’s case customers and clients. In order for a blog to work for your salon, Renya explains you have to have the right clientele and profile, “Blogging connects people in a simple manner, and ours has become a great tool to showcase our work and keep people involved in what we are doing,” she says. Creating a blog has been an area that Renya has wanted to explore and conquer for the last three years, “Working closely with people from ACP made me realise that this is where the younger generation of people are headed,” she explains, “You need your business to be current and on trend.” Renya’s blog has become an imperative part of her business empire and it’s not only her clients and staff who are giving it a glowing review, “We were listed by Vogue.com.au as one of the top five beauty blogs, alongside Bobby Brown and Oprah’s Dermatologist… not bad company to keep!” laughs Renya. It is not only the dynamic of the website that is changing and altering to compliment and work with the blog however, Renya’s approach to and involvement in editorial session work has also evolved, “I am already doing work for sites like, ‘Style me Romy,’ (an online-magazine-like blog), I think it’s great! At the end of the day, it’s all editorial work no matter what medium it is displayed in,” she explains. Despite her love for this instant online platform, Renya assures the business of print media is not in danger, “There is nothing like the tactile feel of opening a magazine,” she says, “Publications like Vogue US have created a name for themselves in the fashion industry and this can never be taken away.”

In addition to constantly travelling around the globe, working with major players in the fashion field and being in constant personal demand from celebrities, stylists and designers alike, Renya’s blog now plays a permanent part in her already chaotic schedule. Renya recently returned from yet another whirl-wind trip overseas, where her talents were requested in London to direct the hair of the Sass & Bide’s Spring/Summer 2012 show for GHD and as always, the details of the event were explicitly covered on her site. Anyone wanting to know the inspiration behind the show, get a first hand look at how to achieve the style, or browse through exclusive backstage images and videos, just has to log on and it’s all there, documented perfectly. As the Creative Director of the blog, Renya leads and directs the team on the ideas and concepts, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean the content is restricted to places and events that she is physically attending or working on. “Just because I’m not there, doesn’t mean I’m not actually there,” she laughs, while explaining that despite being back in Australia at the moment, the blog is still full of content, information and wrap-ups from New York, Milan and Paris fashion week. “Its about sharing the work of my muses, and the people I love to work with, like Eugene, (Souleiman), who’s working in Paris at the moment,” explains Renya, before continuing, “We have created a space to share not only our work, but our influences and inspirations.” Amongst the exclusive backstage footage from fashion’s most coveted events, you can also expect to find trend predictions from Renya’s talented team, style tips and tricks, celeb thankyou notes and extensive editorial work, all positioned perfectly within the clean, minimalist layout. Renya describes her salons as a, “Visual feast,” evoking looks from her travels around the world with her business partner and husband, Jim, “We have created beautiful salons that provide our customers with a luxurious and eclectic environment, however, the website needed to be clean and image based, and I think this is what we have achieved,” she says.

As with most elements of the ever expanding, constantly developing technological world, Renya’s blog is an evolving concept and idea, “Watch this space,” she laughs when asked about future advancements to the site, one thing’s for sure, though, she’s addiment on providing her loyal fans and followers with a creative space that connects them with and showcases her extensive work in the fashion industry. Renya Xydis has made a name for herself in the exclusive world of fashion as her unique talents keep her ever in demand with glossy publications, celebrities and designers across the globe. It appears however, that the endless world of blogging is Renya’s new venture and her sights are set to conquer…

To follow Renya's blog visit www.valonz.com.au

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