25 April 2012

Power To The Soul Sisters

We've got MK and Ashley, Elle and Dakota and Pixie and Peaches, but when it comes to rocking some Carrie Brawshaw eclecticism, the Coutin-Clairns sister have got it down! 
Heirs to the Clarins empire, Claire and Virginie seriously know how to put together some colour. I'm generally one for black on black, but isn't their style incredible? I personally love their ability to mix what I assuming would be seriously high fashion, (high price tag), items, back with effortless low-key styles accents, (cue pattered Dr. Martins), L.O.V.E. and I must say I'm just a little jealous of their seemingly never ending supply of fab eyewear! (ok, I'm a lot jealous, I want it all NOW!) 

What do you think of this super stylish due? Love them as much as i do? 


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