12 April 2012

The Art of Writing Lists...

I am constantly writing things downs! I mean, seriously, my habit verges on OCLD, (Obsessive Compulsive List Disorder). In notebooks, on post it’s, typing away in the notes section of my iPhone or scribbling away on loose pieces of papers, I literally make lists of my lists! It’s something I can’t explain, but for some reason, simply writing, (or typing), things downs, fills me with a sense of calm
The cut throat world of fashion is an industry where only the toughest survive, and I for one, in between running two blogs, guest blogging for Street Scholars, editing a magazine and dabbling in the occasional social media development, marketing and PR projects, sometimes feel the weight of this stress inducing career path. It’ll send you into a neurotic panic attack if you let it, and believe you me, no one’s going to stop and make sure the basket case sitting in the corner cradling her knees is ok! These people have deadlines to meet, events to attend and shoots to style, so to put it frankly, tears and breakdowns just don’t make to cut on their priority lists
In an effort to avoid above mentioned public meltdown, I’ve developed a very interesting obsession with writing lists and true to my OCD, neurotic, insomniac personality I’m starting to view my little paper proofs of accomplishments, as somewhat beautiful, in a completely ridiculous, absolutely insane, kind of way, obviously!

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