6 April 2012

Peaches, Bunny and Lily, via The Selby

There's something intriguing about peering into someone else's home, especially when that said someone is an innovative force of inspiration making their mark on the creative industries. A person's home, is the ultimate representation of themselves, it's an unrestricted expression of their look, their style and their personal portrayal of inspiration, relaxation and comfort. In 2008, Todd Selby explored this idea of subtle noisiness, offering an exclusive look into the personal spaces of creative individuals through his project, The Selby. Since it's debut four years ago, The Selby has feature a vast array of eclectic artists, designers, models, writers, photographers, stylists and musicians, providing its audience with beautiful escapes of creative detail and eccentric personal touches. Among his targets sits the ever captivating, Peaches Geldof, the epitome of London individuality, portraying her self expression, some four years ago from her then Brooklyn apartment, housemates in tow! 
Because I just can't get enough, check out another one of my Selby finds over at the.grey.attic, featuring Dustin Yellen and his fantastic brick wall space. 
All Images: The Selby 

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