9 April 2012

Mechanical Dolls

One of fashions primary aims is to continue to inspire creativity, challenge the norm and present unconventional, contradicting ideals, concepts and themes. In a exceptional display of the boundary pushing aesthetic of Vogue Italia, Tim Walker has highlighted the power fashion has to play to our individual fears, phobias and quirks. Using the universally accepted haunting nature of dolls to create an eerie atmosphere of dark ambience, the shoot connects in a non traditional way, exaggerating the controversial elements and allowing the daunting nature of these child-like figures to stand tragically in the forefront. 

Images: Tim Walker’s Mechanical Dolls for Vogue Italia October 2011: http://www.touchpuppet.com/2011/10/18/tim-walkers-mechanical-dolls-for-vogue-italia-october-2011/

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