16 April 2012

The Magic of Mulberry

Fashion is ultimately about the representation of frivolity and fun, experimentation and sense of self expression. However in today’s constantly controversial and always boundary pushing world of unconventional contradictions and ideals that support our constant need for something new, it’s easy to forget the subtle lightness and pure creativity that lays at the core of the fashion industry. Yes, there are important issues of strength and power and elements of destruction and despair, but at the core of the industry always rests a pastel lining of hope, beauty, innovation and fearlessness. The power of fashion remains in its ability to create an alternative universe for its followers to become ingrossed in, somewhere for them to escape and immerse themselves in all that is magnificent and eccentric. One brand that continues to channel this idea of a creative wonderland through their eclectically brilliant advertising campaigns is Mulberry. They remain a vision of over the top, pastel imagination, incorporating perfect elements of larger than life accessories and loud, in your face props. The brand’s unique aesthetic creates beautiful concepts of unrealistic fantasy as they invite their viewers to escape into the magical world that is Mulberry.

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