10 April 2012

Instagram: Sleeping with the Enemy

I awoke this morning to find most of my social media news feeds flooded with opinions about Instagram’s overnight billion dollar success.

I, like I’m assuming most of you, joined Instagram because it was in a sense exclusive. A means to share beautiful imagery and connect with those who inspire. Recent statements and press releases are all assuring us that our beloved photo app with remain the same, but considering it’s now under the influence of an organisation that changes it’s settings more than 20 times a days, (slight exaggeration, I know), lets just hope its focus remains on flitters and blurs, rather than obvious updates about the weather and OTT relationship meltdowns.
What do you think about Facebook’s latest purchase? Outraged? Excited? Couldn’t care less? Let me know…

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In other fashion news… John Galliano’s Dior successor has finally been announced, head over to the.grey.attic. for more info.

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