9 February 2012

It's All in the Ad!

I’m one of those people who pre-record TV, in order to avoid the ad breaks, I change the radio station as soon as they cut to commercials and flick hurriedly past print advertisements promising to keep my whites whiter and my dishwasher sparkling! I’m that person who really doesn’t like to be disturbed when I’m in the middle of a good thing, but funnily enough, not only did I study advertising, I actually really like it and find it extremely interesting…good advertising that is! I like cleaver ads that make you laugh, think and relate yourself to, just don’t try and force them on me while I’m in the middle of a Gossip Girl fix! Now one very important exception to my rule is fashion ads, or rather collection campaigns. I hear a lot of people complaining about the fact that the first 100+ pages of fashion glossies are predominantly filled with ads alone, however through my eyes I fail to understand how this is an issue? Fashion ad campaigns are like mini editorial shoots one after the other, created by some of the most influential and talented names in the business. They’re a combination of unrestricted creativity, a snapshot look at next season’s trends and the next big faces of the modelling world, honestly I don’t see the problem…what’s not to love?

Some of my favourite campaigns to lust over are always Marc Jacobs’. They possess the epitome of what fashion advertising is capable of, presenting an ideal of over the top exaggeration. His ads incorporate the raw texture, unaltered aesthetic and purposeful use of white space, reminiscent of vintage Polaroids. Add to that, the reoccurring motif of provocative eroticism and the beautiful use of a grainy, some what dimmed natural light and it becomes evident that not only are Marc Jacobs much anticipated campaigns highly entertaining, they’re also a beautiful reflection of the boundary pushing, aesthetically inspiring and creatively talented brand.

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