21 February 2012

New York Fashion Week, in a New York Minute…

As fast as it arrived, New York Fashion Week has sadly concluded and as the fashion pack move their stylish tooshies over the water to London and then on to Milan, here’s a few of my favs from the city that never sleeps…

Marc Jacobs
A fabulous flurry of rich, elaborate layering, seriously oversized hats and a palette of royal, regal tones, worked flawlessly together to make Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2012 collection the perfect interpretation of a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party meets vintage grandma chic. The luxurious hues, dense fabrics of conflicting textures, over exaggeration of accessories and incorporation of paisley and sparkling ankle socks, created a wondrous theme of lady-like nostalgia with a hint of fairytale sass.

Helmut Lang
Working with an array of tonal neutrality, the Helmut Lang collection shifted the focus to the explicit detail of the tailoring and sharp, strong structure of the cuts. Progressing through the development of russet tones and contradicting slouching drapery, the collection created a dominant aesthetic of minimalism, with recurring elements of subtle, but intricate details and underlying ideals of biker attitude.

The sticker on the program was the first indication that this collection’s aim was to shake things up at the Oscar de la Renta fashion house, it read, “#THEBOARD: Submit inspiration to the board for our next collection. Oscar and his assistants will be watching live in the studio for new content daily.” From this first association with a younger, and thus more technologically advanced, generation, the collection evolved into a more playful adaptation of its dramatised heritage. Through the incorporation of pastel hues, jewelled headbands, knits and raised hemlines, the collection presented a candy coated invitation to a new generation of future followers, welcoming and enticing them to take part and affiliate themselves with the illustrious brand.

All Images: www.style.com
Oscar de la Renta

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