25 February 2012

MILAN FASHION WEEK: Prada’s Collection of Pleasure

"Everyone has a theory about their collections these days, but I'm sick of theory. This collection is about the pleasure of fashion."- Miuccia Prada

From a distant glance at the thumbnails of Prada’s Fall show, you see strength, power and structure. Statuesque figures of grace one after the other resembling the formality and unity of an army, a colourful one at that! One so diverse in colour in fact, that when you take yet a further step back, focussing on the tones and hues alone, the models come to represent what could only be described as beautiful crayons in a Prada colouring box. As you look closer however, the detailed embellishment, avatar inspired butterfly eyes and clashing prints of contrasting colours, all come into perfect fruition, allowing you to be truly mesmerised and inspired by Miuccia’s very specific portrayal of raw beauty and pleasure.

All Images: www.style.com

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