14 February 2012

The Unique Beat of the Mink Pink Drum

Grab your pink umbrella, animal shaped balloons and over-sized love heart glasses, as Mink Pink takes you on a fashion fuelled journey of eclectic prints, inspiring colours and a somewhat manic, (but still completely fabulous), approach to style. This passionately crazy rollercoaster ride of fashion challenges you to be brave and encourages a sense of freedom allowing you to embark on a tailor made experience innovation.
This is no ordinary ad campaign, this erratic adventure of tiger masks, mini bikes, vintage inspired fashion and unique styling, marks Mink Pink’s first ever Global Advertising Campaign, as the unstoppable force in fashion sets its sights to conquer the international market.
The 1:04 minute campaign, which launched last month, embraces an ideal of individualism and freedom, portraying an experimental approach to fashion. Through the eccentric aesthetic of frivolousness, the campaign has successfully provided, ‘The Mink Pink Girl,’ with the tools and inspiration to create her own unique look, one that truly represents and celebrates her!
Through their debut global campaign, Mink Pink has developed a universal celebration of creation, freedom, bravery and individualism, embracing the fun in fashion and championing the unique styles and personalities of Mink Pink Girls around the world.

All images and video: http://minkpink.com/

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