7 February 2012

I'm Back and Ready for Fall/ Winter...

Hello lovers, I'm back…
On departure to my Fijian getaway I excitedly mused to my boyfriend about how great it was going to be to lay by the pool, (drink in hand of course), and catch up on my neglected fashion magazine reading… FYI, I packed four, excessive, yes I know! I never did quite mastered the art of culling. Little did I know, or really even consider that not only would our pool laying time be happily traded for activities of the adventurous and alcoholic kind, but when we were relaxing, I found myself instead completely absorbed in my novel, (yes I packed a book as well, two actually! Apparently I thought Fiji would give me super human reading abilities). In an effort to keep true to my word about expanding my literary knowledge, I've been reading Wuthering Heights and honestly I can't believe someone didn't let me in on this little gem sooner! I absolutely love it, so much so that my monthly fashion reads have consequentially began to suffer. On our arrival back in Brisbane, not only did I still have three unread titles, (I did manage to devour last months Oyster on the plane), but I also had another three waiting for me in the letter box!
Never did I think I'd see the day when I would actually be asking the fashion world to slow down and with the Ready to Wear shows commencing in a couple of days, I seriously need to pull my self out of the 1800s and attack this fabulous pile!

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