7 February 2012

Vogue at the Super Bowl: Ladies with an Attitude Fellas that were in the Mood…

One of my first memories of the super human that is Madonna is from when I was all of about five! Trust me, I've seriously loved her from the get go. I was playing dress-ups with my cousin and I vividly remember stamping my foot and chucking a tantrum, with mum's red Estée Lauder Lipstick in hand, at the mere suggestion that for once I should be Kylie and she should be Madonna! I was seriously mortified and to tell you the truth if the same situation arose today, some 17 years later, I can't promise I wouldn't react in exactly the same manner. To me, Madonna is a true icon of all that is controversially fantastic, ambitiously creative and unapologetically determine. Her talent and constant innovation have ensured she remain a continuous source of boundary pushing inspiration decade after decade. 
With this in mind, you can imagine my excitement surrounding the half time entertainment of the 2012 Super Bowl on Monday. Dressed in Givenchy couture and delivering an awe inspiring, high energy performance, which combined vintage classics, her latest release and my all time personal favourite, 'VOGUE,' Madonna made damn sure everyone knew she still had it! 
Phillip Treacy, the designer behind her gold metal hat for Givenchy, summed it up beautifully, "People say everything has a limit, but limits do not exist with Madonna."

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