22 March 2012

Flatform Fun...

They say fashion trends always come around full circle, however this statement only really rung true when I recently became obsessed with the same style of shoe that I saved all my hard earned pocket money to buy when I was a mere eight years old. It was 1996 and after weeks of stashing my cash, I was finally able to march my butt into Whitfords Shopping Centre, slap down a 50 and walk out wearing my brand new denim platforms, channelling my inner Ginger Spice.
Granted, the style’s had a little bit of an update, (wooden soles and straps are apparently more chic in 2012 than rubber and denim sneakers), and somewhere along the long line, ‘platforms,’ have been transformed into, ‘flatforms,’ but I love them all the same. 
Understated style with an instant effect of casual cool… these are my kinda shoes! 

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