8 March 2012

Paris Fashion Week: All Aboard the LV Steam Train

How does one top a whimsical carousel of candy colours hues, alabaster shine and iridescent embellishment? With a vintage inspired steam train, built from scratch, of course! Add to that, railroad-esque designs, reminiscent of the golden ages of travel, a lone line of porters, dutifully following each model, clad with a least one iconic bag and mad-hatter like head attire that screamed elegance and class, and you’ve got yourself the Louis Vuitton Fall collection. It’s all about the drama baby, and boy did this grand spectacle of exceptional theatrics deliver.
Cropped pants, structural elongated jackets, skirts and platforms appeared to be a look that was represented in some adaptation by most designers this fashion season. Through cleaver moves by Marc Jacobs however, Louis Vuitton’s representation of the trend was presented with an old world nostalgia, transporting, (pun intended), its audience back through time and reflecting on the iconic fashion houses’ extensive travel history.
Old Glamour, with a twist of dramatics, where, (or more to the point, how), will he transport us next?

All Images: www.style.com

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