21 March 2012

Vintage Grace

2009 isn't exactly vintage as per say, after all it was only three years ago, but the timeless beauty instilled in this Vogue US shoot by the ever talented Grace Coddington has ensured the power of its whimsical aesthetic continues to be prevalent and captivating some five seasons after its creation. 
Grace’s work encapsulates the epitome of fashion escapism, creating wondrous world of magic and diversions of reality. It’s a Madcap World a highly romanticized representation of nonchalant grace and fierce energy, set amongst a contradiction of rubble and demise. The dramatic power, created through the bold shapes, bright colours and exaggerated movement, is counteracted by clever undertones of subtle arrogance and innocent purity. 

It’s a Madcap World, Vogue US February 2009
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Stylist: Grace Coddington

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