12 March 2012

The Power of Print...

As I was rearranging my over flowing magazine collection, for what feels like the tenth time this year, trying to fit in this month’s latest glossies and my new kit Car(a)mel candle, I suddenly thought how fantastic it would be if my mum had kept all her old Vogues and Harper’s. There’s something about vintage fashion magazines that conveys a sense of celebration, maybe it’s the fact that in their hey day, print media stood alone in its ability to reach the people. Magazines today represent the championing of imagery and iconic concepts, but realistically they don’t actually present anything we haven’t already heard about or seen in some form on the internet. Fashion magazines of the 40s, 50s and 60s were really a means of transporting information, identifying trends and embracing new ideas, where as today they offer the ability to physically touch, hold and keep these concepts, allowing us to embrace them for years to come.
Because my mum, in her anti-hoarding crusade, didn’t keep any of her old magazines I trawled the internet to see what I could find. These images embrace such a sense of freedom and creative reign, which is only heightened by the predominant use of black and white film. There’re images of tragic romanticism, celebrations of femininity, representations of strength and the portrayal of revolutionary looks that remain coveted and iconic today.

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