7 March 2012

PARIS FASHION WEEK: Alexander McQueen’s Futuristic Romance

The opening look of the Alexander McQueen Fall collection transported the audience both through time and seasons, cementing the concept as an ideal of a futuristic ice age. White fur jackets, knee high snow boots and eye shielding visors worked effortlessly to set the mood, as subtle alterations in shape, texture and detail proved to be the only visible differentiations. Through the graduation of pattern and colour, the futuristic strength of the opening looks, which were heighten by a feminine approach to metal armour belts, gracefully transcended into delicate representations of supple weightlessness. The detail was in the varied and exaggerated use of texture, which was brought to life through botanical blushes, chalky mauves and iridescent silver greys.
The beautiful crispness of the collection was instilled with distinct elements of grit, visible through the slicked ash blonde of the models’ hair, gun metal accessories and over the top structure, blurring the lines of the waist, hips and shoulders. Voluminous designs of vibrant reds and lilacs were pushed one step further, taking on identities of their own as intricate layers burst through to physically represent their floral inspirations.
The collection was an elaborate, romantic development of textured design and alabaster hues, given strength and innovation through the incorporation of futuristic metallics and ultimately faceless identities.

All Images: www.style.com

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