7 March 2012

PARIS FASHION WEEK: Chanel’s Amethyst Crystallisation

Classic elegance, cohesively intertwined with an iconic aesthetic ran supreme amongst Chanel’s crystallised amethyst escape.

With a new season, comes Karl Lagerfeld’s new approach to creativity, one which was identified through sporting motifs working in perfect unison with conflicting ideals of crystals, glimmer and shine. The collection brought with it noticeable shock tactics standing out from the otherwise cohesive and timeless designs. Bejewelled statement brows, three piece suits, (that’s a jacket, a skirt and pants, mind you!), and the incorporation of vibrant reds, royal plums and emerald greens made sure the Fall collection continued to pay homage to Chanel’s boundary pushing history. Amidst the classic Chanel look, was the encapsulation of multi-textured structure, conflicting coloured knits and multi-facet dimensions of sparkle and shine added to the famously celebrated tweed suit, all ensuring the modern aesthetic of the historical fashion house continues to be a fluid collaboration of innovation, wearability and effortless, adaptable style.

All Images: www.style.com

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