29 September 2011

Fashion with a side of SOOT.

YEDP provides fresh faces in the fashion industry a networking opportunity that could potentially change their career. From the models, to the designers, the sponsors and the chic fashionistas that make up the guest list, the event attracts the who’s who from all areas of the industry, offering exclusive opportunities and lets be honest a fabulous excuse to dress up and sip some bubbly. A fashion show, in a library and a glamorous event channelling its inner Brazilian pool party, what’s not to love!
I caught up with Edwina Sinclair of SOOT. another one of the very talented designers involved in this amazing event.

Edwina Sinclair of Soot. dishes the dirt for Cadence and Clementine…

Favourite designer: It changes all the time, usually the designers I do like have a totally different aesthetic to me but I love their creativity. Some of my favourite designers include Karla Spetic and Yang Du. I love a lot of emerging designers as well as they usually bring something fresh.
Favourite food: Lollies!
Favourite colour: You wouldn’t guess it from my designs but yellow
Favourite material to work with: I have always loved using silk cotton in my designs
Favourite movie: The Lion king.
I wish I was…Able to tell what people were thinking.
If I was an animal I would be a…Squirrel
Fashion is…An expression of one’s self, it is fun and creative and sometimes shouldn’t be taken so seriously.
Biggest fashion mistake: I’m sure I have made plenty, but I don’t really think of them as a mistake but rather more of a learning curve. I am so lucky to be in this industry so young so I can start learning now.
The trend you never want to see in fashion again: There isn’t anything I wouldn’t like to see again to tell you the truth. I love seeing all the changes and what’s coming back into fashion.
I wish…High- waisted…would be around in fashion forever.
Three people I would invite you a dinner party would be…Andrej Pejic, (I just think it would be really interesting to meet him), Valerie Steele, (Who is just a bundle of knowledge), and Vivienne Westwood, (I think she would make things interesting!).
My icons are…My parents are so supportive, my mum helps me so much and my dad is such a hard worker.
On my iPod at the moment: Coldplay after seeing them at splendour.
Chicken or Fish: Neither I am vegetarian
Mac or PC: Mac.
Vodka or Wine: Red wine.
Blogs or magazines: Both.
Never leave the house without: My handbag which is made out of recycled bike tyres.
People don’t know that I…Design late at night.
The last time I laughed hysterically was when…My friend eating a slice of butter thinking it was cheese.
Tomato sauce belongs in the…Cupboard
In my fridge today, you would find…Fruit and veg, it defiantly needs some re-stocking!
The clothes in my wardrobe are organised by…The types of garment that are. The order goes, pants, shorts, jackets, short sleeve tops, dresses, long sleeved tops then skirts.
Would most like to work with…I would love to work with Karen Walker, I think her designs are right up my alley, feminine and fun.

C&C: How important is something like YEDP to you career?
ES: Very! Alot of people are viewing your clothes so you need to give a good impression. Everything needs to be at the highest possible standard.

C&C: What opportunities have presented themselves since the night?
ES: There has definitely been alot of interest in the collection I showed. People are wanting to get their hands on some of the garments they saw and there has been more exposure and more people knowing about my label.

C&C: When was the label founded?
ES: When I finished school at the end of 2009.

C&C: Where did the name come from?
ES: When I first started designing, I loved black, charcoal and ivory and really only designed using that palette. So that’s where the name came from, like soot in a chimney. I have grown as a designer and have started taking more risks with colours and prints.

C&C: Who else is involved in the brand?
ES: My family is really supportive, my mum helps me alot with the business side of things! I also have a girl who works at the store for me casually and she helps me alot with backstage jobs.

C&C: Are you selling in any major retailers yet?
ES: I wouldn’t say major, more boutique retailers, but I kind of like that though, it is a bit niche. I am stocking at my store, The Soot. Concept Store on
James Street
, Izabel + Sebastian in Southbank and Silver Thimble in Melbourne.

C&C: What is the overall look and feel of the label?
ES: It’s fun and feminine. When people wear my clothes I want them to feel edgy yet comfortable.

C&C: Where do you get your inspiration from?
ES: Everywhere and anywhere. It’s amazing how things can inspire you without you even really knowing. My latest collection came together after watching the cartoon show, ‘The Jetsons, (oversized collars, caps sleeves etc), but it also has a sixties take on it, with lots of full circle skirts.

C&C: How difficult has it been to create your label at such a young age?
ES: It’s very difficult and juggling it with life is sometimes hard, but if you’re passionate about it you will be committed to it. You just need to keep trying even if things don’t go the way you had hoped. You also need to live on minimal sleep!

C&C: What’s the best advice you have been given in regards to your career?
ES: The fashion industry is pretty tough but there are also alot of opportunities out there. You need to put yourself out there and even if you get knocked back a few times you need to keep trying. It’s all a learning experience.

C&C: What are youR future dreams and goals, where do you hope to take the label?
ES: I am hoping to take it everywhere. I don’t think the big push will come until I finish uni but I just need to keep furthering my skills and knowledge so that more and more places want to stock my label.

C&C: What’s next, what are your short term goals and how are you going to continue to develop and create?
ES: At the moment I am focusing on doing well at uni, I am learning a lot from it and applying it to SOOT. I am just taking it step by step with SOOT. I think it is going really well so I just have to keep pushing my name out there, and coming up with new and innovative designs that people want to wear!

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