15 September 2011

Stand Apart

There is a trend that’s been gathering steam for quite a while now, an ideal that’s telling dentists to shove their braces and head gear… Fashion is turning gapped teeth and gummy smiles into individual, ‘it’, features, as not so perfect teeth are no longer a faux pas.

In some cultures, a gap in your teeth is a symbol of wisdom and wealth, but until recently, western society has been all too happy to close up any sign of a parting with metal plates and bars. This disregard and need to fix and mould everything into a standard ideal of beauty however, is set to change. No longer are gaps in the teeth being viewed as an abnormality, but rather a significant point of individuality and difference. We’re no longer hiding our distinguishing features, but rather embracing their uniqueness.

Like all other trends however, gapped teeth are not only limited to those who inherit them naturally. It appears this look has become so coveted that it is being reproduced, instead of fixed by more than happy to oblige cosmetic dentists. Tyra banks famously sent Chelsey from cycle 15 of ANTM to have ¼ of millimeter saved from each of her front teeth, widening her gap in an effort to increase the individual appeal

In a celebration of uniqueness and a triumph to unconventional looks, the new focus on gapped teeth is paving the way for other forms of unexpected beauty and the acceptance of the trend by the fashion industry, only heightens its appeal. 
Stand apart and widen your outlook.

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