28 September 2011

Round Two: With Carolyn Murphy

The next set of photos from the second round of the Rag + Bone DIY ad campaign have been released and feature the natural beauty and charm of supermodel, Carolyn Murphy. The images were taken between vacation in North Carolina and Montauk with her family and capture intimate moments on the beach, with what we can only assume is the family’s adorable dog.                                 
“My family has been visiting Nags Head since the 1950’s to escape their farm in VA and our fondest memories are eating crab legs and flying kites at Kitty Hawk. The newest tradition is Montauk with my daughter. She caught fireflies for the first time and surfed on her own.”
 – Carolyn Murphy, August 2011
The rawness of the photos and the picturesque natural lighting only further highlights Carolyn’s true beauty and free spirited aesthetic. 
“I am most inspired by going to basics in life and being with family and friends…Inspired by tradition and quality as opposed to quantity, my daughter was most inspiring as my muse for what the future needs…Nature and less is always more.”
-Carolyn Murphy, August 2011

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